Friday, March 22, 2013

Pictures of Curry Do Not Look Good on Facebook, in Case You Were Wondering.

Let's just file this in the "First World Problem of the Day" category:
Facebook needs more filters.  Specially, I mean filters to lower the visibility of key topics.  It's already a known fact that I can only handle so many inspirational quotes backdropped by photos of a waterfall (or rainforest, Dalai Lama, sunrise, scenic mountain range, etc.) in a day.  So please Facebook, let's just go ahead and put in a daily limit on that.  I have inspirational overload already. You are not helping.

Next, could we please have a filter for eliminating cat photos?  I have one acquaintance who actually shared 15 pictures of cats in less than 7 minutes this morning.  It wouldn't be a big deal if he didn't do it every day and all day long.  Dude - just.......stahhhhhhhhp.  I love cats.  I own 2 cats.  But I don't want pictures of them hacked up on the internet all day long.  I can look for cat photos myself, if I want to see cats.

Lastly, I want the ability to not see pictures of peoples' food.  I get that you love what you're eating, it's delicious, or maybe you made it yourself and you're proud.  That's great, and I'm proud of you, too!  Yay!  But pictures taken from a foot away, with a flash, almost never make food look appetizing, especially if it's some kind of brownish or yellowish chunky stew.  Nuff said.  Pictures of whole foods like apples, celery, and other unprocessed things.........and macro photos...or photos of baked goods like cupcakes....well, okay, I guess.  Maybe what I need is a specific filter to get rid of food that is chopped, cooked, sauced, and floating in a bowl.  Gross.

I know that I can "hide" people.  I don't want to have to dump my friends or hide them because they post inspirational saccharine dreck and brown, goopy food.   I know there are far worse things in the world to fret over.  Terrible, horrific things, even.  Just venting.  I know I am a whingebucket.
That is all.

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