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Everything below this, is older and will likely not be updated any time soon.  But I'll leave it up for now.  Because that's just my way.


I like to paint on old records.
Here are some (but not all) of my one-of-a-kind creations.
They come from the thrift store, garage sales, or the garbage.  Most of the time, they are unplayable, and fatally scratched.
I rescue them from their loneliness and isolation and repurpose them into visual art.
Below are my records in chronological order, starting from about 2001.

doves with olive branches
This was one of my first painted records.
From approximately 2001.
The doves above now live in Houston.

Another very early record, around 2002-ish?

BECAUSE of the song from Abbey Road
Also around 2002...

vinyl LP record painted with inspiration from an Italian greyhound that I know
The record above now lives in California.
The actual dog (named Elvis) currently resides in Seattle.

Painted LP vinyl record with a great dog.  Inspired by summer visions in my car.
The inspiration for this record came from the Victrola label, but I kind of had a "vision" for how it should look and what it should say while driving in my car, one summer afternoon. 

Painted from my dreams - a girl wearing a psychedelic octopus
The octopus record above is from a dream that I had.  Yes, it is a girl with a live octopus living on her head.  Because that's how my subconscious rolls sometimes...

The Victrola 10-inch record above was auctioned off for a Theatre Off Jackson fundraiser in 2009.

This incredibly detailed record went to a very nice lady, somewhere in The Republic of Etsyland.

The 10-inch record above lives in the Dallas area, with a very cool teenager.

My mom said that this one reminds her of the circus.

The mandala style record above was done in brown, red, and gold.
I made it for my dear friend Jamie in Texas.

The rainbow record above lives with me in Seattle.  Not ready to part with it just yet.

This unusually sized, 10-inch,  33 1/3 record is formerly part of a Russian language course.

This one went to a gallery in Houston.

The botanical-inspired special request above has a hidden frog in it.
It currently lives in Massachusetts.

This record is secretly one of my favorites.  The base is yellow and green with some intense green glitter.  Topped off with some funky black.  I was watching a lot of children's television programming when I painted this one.

The silver record above is going to a gallery in Houston.

This record has a shimmery, silver undercoat with light blue and black detailing.
It has gone to live in a blue and white room in the Seattle area.

This orange and teal 10-inch, green glitter beauty is the sister to the other Russian language record higher up on this page.

Here, above, is the strange baby cousin to the other Russian language records.  It is 7-inches in diameter, just like a regular 45 rpm record.  But the inner label and spindle hole are the size of a 12-inch LP.  Weird and neat!  You don't see that everyday.
This was called "Say it Correctly in Russian."  Well, okay.

The record above is crazy, crazy vibrant.  The background has fluorescent red and orange edges, blending into a yellow center.  The painted design is a kind of indigo-ey purplish blue, with metallic gold accents.
It has gone to live in Colorado.

 This 10-inch record had 8 waltzes about love and absinthe on it.
The background is a vibrant, metallic copper.

I painted this record for the annual Theatre Off Jackson fundraising auction.  The songs on this 10-inch record were all about love and the heart, so it inspired me to paint in red/blue heart colors.

This was formerly a Led Zeppelin album.  It was lovingly painted with some wild blues and purples, with copper metallic accents.  And now it belongs to the Teach Like a Rock Star folks!

 The blue record above was painted for a man who *really* likes the color blue.
I turned this design into some really cool business cards.

The record above is base-coated with a super-glittery red, and painted with a "5 point plumeria" motif.
It was inspired by the pink Hawaiian label, full of the magic sounds of the islands.

The record above was formerly the Warner Brothers soundtrack to The Towering Inferno.
Whoever owned it previously circled the side number and the track entitled, "An Architect's Dream."
We may never know why...

This record was a special request for a person who loves horses.
It was formerly a Steve Miller album.

Record reads:
Syntonic Research, Inc.  Environments 10.  Side 1:  English Meadow:
"Bird should be heard, as if from a distance.  Rushing water should just barely be heard."
(*Fun Rachro fact:  My mother used to listen to this sort of ambient, biofeedback-ey, sound effect stuff, back in the 70's.  She also had a record with whales talking, and swore that she could understand them. hippies...)
ANYWAY, this record has gone to live with a newlywed couple, several states away.

This record was inspired by a lovely lady who likes stargazer lilies and whose favorite color is bright
This is a 6-point mandala, like a lily, and the leaves have a ruffled look to them.  This record is very glittery and glam.
It lives in North Carolina.

This record was made for a guitar lover in Ohio.  He collects Gibsons.  The record has strings, frets, picks, and beautiful Les Paul-inspired guitars.  Of course, in "blues" - with metallic gold, aquamarine, and bright red accents.

This is one of my favorites.  It was painted as an anniversary present for my good friends, Amy and Tiger.
It lives in Los Angeles.  Wanna see it close up?  Sure you do.

I had a lot of fun making this record for the lovely Amy in Los Angeles.  It was inspired by the colors of the old  psychedelic 60's Peter Max art (love that guy), with a theme of peace, love, and flowers.  The underpainting has shimmery violet iridescence added to it, which the camera sadly doesn't pick up.
But trust me, when you tilt it into some light, it glows like a happy, glowey, tripped out butterfly.

Here's a close up.  One more super cool thing about this record: It used to be Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  Amy wanted to give it to a friend who was born in the late 60's.  
I found this album and it was made in 1968.  PERFECT.
Year of the monkey, baybee.

This record has fluorescent hot pink outlines.  Wooooo!  It used to be a Slim Whitman collection.
Songs on this side of the album include, "I'm Walking Behind You," and "You You You".
This record now belongs to the Ark Lodge Cinema.
Built in 1919, it was a former Freemason lodge and is now the super niftiest movie house in Seattle.

This record has lots of bright metallic silver to enhance the vivid greens.
It used to be a Billy Preston album - and it's hard to get cooler than that.
It has gone to live in New Hampshire with a very cool person.

This record was formerly Peaches and Herb.  It is going to live in Colorado.
It wants you to shake your groove thing.

This record is unique, because I didn't choose it.  It was sent to me with the request to paint it.
It was Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini.  It has lots of silver!

I don't usually paint 45s, but this one came out really perky.  Anita Ward - Ring My Bell!
It lives in Seattle with the fabulous Elliot and Jodi.

This record has come through the pod bay door, Hal.
It was formerly the soundtrack to 2001:  A Space Odyssey.  (One of the best films ever made, in my opinion.)
And - -  just like the 4-million-year-old black monolith that emits a single, very powerful radio emission, the origin of this record is a total mystery.

This record is totally far out!  It is a 10-inch, red vinyl album.  Very rare and so beautiful!  It was painted with browns, reds, and metallic gold for a guy who is possibly the coolest dude in Seattle (thanks, DC!).  The record was originally sent to me unexpectedly from a friend in Columbus, Texas.

 The Mom & Dads - - Whispering Hope.  My mom said that this record looked "fresh".
Well, alright alright alright..
It went on its way to some lovely folks in Texas.

This record used to be "The Ping Pong Sounds of Guitars in Percussion", by Eddie Wayne and his group.  It featured songs such as "The Village at 4am" and "Milt's the Man".  I wondered what these songs sounded like, so I went to YouTube in an attempt to search them up.
I couldn't find "The Village at 4am"  BUT ---I did find The Honeymoon Killers' version of "Milt's the Man".  I have no idea if their version is related to this record.  (Secretly, I hope it is.)
Still, please enjoy this musical link: MILT'S THE MAN

This record was inspired by the cool, blue Paris label and the fact that it is FINALLY spring.  Everything is blooming.  April in Parrrrrrris....

Pink!  Hawaii!  Flowers!  Wheeeee!

This is a 10-point mandala, painted on an "Angel" record.  It started off as a 5-point, but I got kind of carried away.  It has pretty blues, red, and swirly silver embellishing it.

This record used to be Roger Williams' Songs of the Fabulous Fifties.  It featured the songs: Mister Sandman, Mona Lisa, Goodnight Irene, and Love is a Many-Splendored Thing.
This teal and brown paisley record went to live, appropriately, with a man who really loves oldies radio.

"What a Wonderful World".
This record is a 45 with a small (and unusual) spindle hole and it was pressed in 1968.  It came all the way from across the pond in England!  Normally, I'd count this as a collector's item and not dare paint on it, but it had an enormous scratch going across the entire song, rendering it useless for listening to.
It is the favorite song of a very special guy, to whom this is being birthday gifted, from his lovely wife.  The yellow rosebuds were a special request in the design.
It is headed out to central Texas, pronto!

This beautiful purple-violet-green gem toned painting was formerly Gladys Knight and the Pips!  This was made for a strong and feminine gal, who is giving it to her own strong and feminine friend.  Viva la woman!  I think it came out super cool and I do love me some purple.

Above is a totally metalllic, funky "gear" record, done for a gearhead guy in Oregon.

The 3 records and their close ups above were made as a jazz-themed set for a music professor and her husband in Illinois.  They are creating a jazz club and wanted to decorate with jazz records.  I was sent a photo of a Montreaux Jazz festival poster from the 90's and 3 records from jazz labels.  I themed the records to match the room (red, yellow, blue, green, black) and the poster.  On the green label record, I let the grooves of the songs determine the geometry of the shapes.  Because I'm jazzy like that sometimes.

This record was Burl Ives' The Big Country Hits, but now it is very psychedelic.  A funny connection to Burl:  my uncle Irving was once one of Mr. Ives' private physicians.  So I felt a closeness to this record as I painted it, because Burl Ives was a great guy.  I've heard the stories.  You are my sunshine, Burl.

 This crazy Foghat album, on the Bearsville label, is being auctioned off at the Scott Daniels' Musical Memorial to raise money for his young daughter, Emma Rose.  Jay will be performing several Joint Chiefs, Fleshmop, and Dresden 45 songs at the show!  Psyched for the performance (not so much for the outdoor Houston heat in August, but whatev...we'll be there).

Brandy, by The O'Jays.  Here is a cute little, candy-colored 45 record.

The Beatles' Reel Music, full of songs from their movies.  Super purple and vibrant up close.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And now it lives in Austin!

 A very neutral and tonal-colored Henry Mancini record for a person in Texas.  Lots of copper and silver accents!

My all-time favorite number: 3.  I have no idea what the songs were on this album, or even what kind of music it was.  But I'll tell you what - this very purple (*much more deep and vibrant purple in person) record contains lots of good juju and went to a judge who said it was one of the coolest things he ever got.  The person who purchased it said that 3 was also her favorite number.
That there is some good taste, my friends.
This record was brought to you today by the number THREE and the color PURPLE.

I love this Russian album.  I really do.  

For a business man who loves browns and greens...and also.........classic STEVIE WONDER!

My love for Nancy Sinatra inspired this wacky and lively heart design.  Here's a little secret:
One night, a few years back, I drank a handful of Gray Goose screwdrivers and watched about 3 hours of just Nancy Sinatra videos on YouTube.  She is a special lady.

Do I sell my painted records?  Yes, sometimes I do.
Would you like for me to make you one?
Just ask, and we'll work something out.

To discuss requests, please go to my Facebook page and send me a private message.  It can be found here:

*A message to the vinyl purists out there*

I would never paint on a collector's item!  My nerdrockermusician husband (who has worked in many, many record stores) and I collect records mostly for listening, not just painting.  Unlike many modern worshipers of the almighty mp3, we actually use our turntable quite often.  Like.........A LOT.
We.  Love.  Music.
I cannot say it any plainer.
We are musicians and music appreciators...we talk about it, sing it, play it, breathe it, and sometimes dream about it.
Music is like air or food or water to us, or even a religion.
It goes without saying that we are very selective about which records get turned into visual art.
It is not a light decision.
Many times on our vinyl search and rescue missions, we acquire records for our listening pleasure only, and not for painting, saving even more records from the landfill and from the life sentence in a grungy thrift store than planned.

So NO, I do not consider painting on vinyl albums to be "sacrilegious."  Not even close!
Not every album ever made can be a sacred and unique snowflake or auditory masterpiece.  But - the records that others have discarded, disrespected, scratched, and trashed can enjoy being appreciated like they never were before, once I transform them into "spindalas."

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