Hello you've reached the closet at the end of the hall, where I keep things I've made that don't really fit into a category.

"A message to you, Rudy."
Here is a strange carrot that had a ball-shaped head.  I dried him out and decorated him - and now he is a member of our family.

Here is Rudy, before he dried out.  He liked to hang out with my sock puppet, Walter, in happier times.

Below are some tiny little wooden dolls with cupcakes that I made.

This is a ceramic kabuki mask that I made.

Here is a stained glass mosaic that I made for some friends.

Here is a foot stool that I painted for my dear nephew.

Here is a watercolor and pencil painting that I did on some strange plastic paper.

Here is a painted gourd that I did.
I had a dream that I was talking with David Bowie, and he told me to paint a "day" side and a "night" side.
So, when David Bowie speaks, I listen.

A pen and watercolor painting with gold ink of some atomic love and some birds from about 2002.

I am fond of mail art.

A piece of a birthday card for my step-daughter, inspired by Tank Girl

Some painted wooden letters for a little boy's room

Rainbow dog painting

Some weird Spiderman art that came from a dream.

Some wooden letters for a little girl's room.

Some wooden letters for my nephew

I like making CD cover art for my friends.

Old socks turned into bunny

A leaf girl painting

Some painted wooden letters for a little girl

Stained glass mosaic sea monkey (12" x 24")

My little clay guy, Trey, and his friend T-Rex.

If you'd like to see more of the things I make, you can also go to:

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