Saturday, January 26, 2019

Gammera the Invincible

I am such a nerd for Godzilla and Gammera movies, and lucky for me they're always being shown on Comet tv.  📺  I just had the pleasure of watching Gammera the Invincible the other day (I love you, Gammera).  The middle of the film features this groovy song.  Feast your ears on this. Now!

(*My husband suspects that the American voice actor who dubbed the part of the little boy shown in the screenshot below is the same person who voiced Spritel in Speed Racer.  Watch the movie. You be the judge.)

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sunny Day Girl by Wayne Newton

I had the singular pleasure of seeing an honest to goodness Wayne Newton Las Vegas show in the early 80s.  And wow, what a spectacular treat.  His opening song was Comin' to America, by Neil Diamond.  As a surly Gen X teen, I tried to resist enjoying the show which was clearly meant for an older crowd and full of loungey songs like Danke Shoen, but you know... Wayne Newton is just so uniquely fancy and unironically amazing.  He won me over by the end.

Here's a link to a quick video I made, where I was putting some finishing touches on my painted 45.

You can also check out this Sunny Day Girl update on Facebook

Painting this record brought back Vegas memories and gave me reminiscent joy.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sunrise, Sunset...

It's no secret that I love colorful and dramatic sunrises and sunsets.  I take a lot of pictures of them, especially being somewhat elusive in my pacific northwest climate.  Each and every one us special to me.  Here's today.

We are the village green preservation society

I had an explosion of extra succulent babies this winter.  All the babies had babies.  So now I am painting the cutest little 4” pot s...