Abstract Poured Paintings

Recently, while on a short break from painting records, I saw a link to a youtube video showing how to swirl paint onto a guitar.  I've experimented with suminigashi before, and this was similar.  

Following the swirly guitar process that had me hypnotized for several hours, I fell down into the acrylic abyss of paint pouring as art.  I discovered a fabulous, friendly, and very talented artist named Peter Owen Goodale, who was generous enough to give me some pointers.  His pours are exquisite.

Any sort of abstract art where you only have partial control over the medium really fascinates me.  I like manipulable chaos.  I like that I'm not creating alone; The liquid, my color choices, and  the force of gravity become my partners.  Also, time becomes your invisible partner (or enemy/friend/frenemy) -  once you pour the paint, you have to work quickly before it dries.  You can't stop and come back to it later, like a traditional acrylic painting.  It's all or nothing.  Go big or go home.  The fluid acrylics move around with an animistic life of their own before settling into permanency, and that's very grounding to me.  There's only so much you can do to regulate them, so there's a fair amount of trust as you watch the painting take shape.  The paints surprise you as you go along, and the results are always unique.

Below are the poured paintings that I've made so far.  Underneath each one is a close up or two.
They are each named for the song that I was listening to when I painted them, or maybe some lyrics, the album name, or perhaps a shape that the forms or colors suggested.

"Fortune Teller" 


"Kiss the Sky"



"I Idolize You"

"Lady Stardust"

"Life on Other Planets"

"These are the Ghosts"

"Sunset (Bird of Prey)"

"Free Love Messes Up My Life"


"Glaciers Melting in the Dead of Night"

I love this one, because I added some interference blue to the turquoise paint.  I took the close up below with the flash on to show the sparkle.

"Bitter's End"


"This Time Tomorrow"

"Shake Your Blood"


"Bombay Talkie"

"Here Comes Your Man"

"End of a Century"

"Mad Flava"


"Vilaines Filles, Mauvais Garcons"

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