Monday, April 30, 2012

Technical bs

2 big components on the front page of my main website have bitten the dust:  Weatherpixie and Lycos' htmlgear.  So, my cute little redheaded weathergirl is gone daddy done, along with TEN YEARS worth of entries in my guestbook.  I'm more than slightly disappointed.  The weatherpixie (Tamsin) had some kind of catastrophic systems crash, so I am sympathetic to that.  But Lycos...ugh.  Why?  With almost no warning (2 months) and no email warnings whatsoever.  Thanks so much.

So, I have resorted to a cheesy Yahoo weather badge, and also a hoaky Yahoo guestbook.  (Yes, I like randomly showing the weather on my page.  Don't hate.)  I have spared everyone the temptation of adding other pointless widgets like interactive monkeys and virtual hedgehogs.  I toyed with the idea for about 9 seconds, only because I am not the picture of class and maturity that you might imagine.

Also, my site counter randomly decided to stop working at some point in the last 3 years.  So even though I can see that over 22,150 visitors have graced the index page of my website over the years, the little counter at the bottom shows a bunch of zeros.  Still waiting on an answer to that one from the Yahoo folks, who are happy as clams to deduct $13 from me every month for my hosting and domains.

I am trying to integrate some of the pages of my blog to my main website.  Is that bad?  Should I not muddy the waters?  I know that my website is so old (2001) that I should probably just take it down and renovate the whole thing, but at this point, it has grown to be such a monster that it would require too much time to do in a way that I'd like.  It's probably stale-looking, by today's standards (I don't care).  I don't even know what's current anymore, except that everyone has blogs and clouded photo journals now.

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