Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have pretty sensitive hearing, but my verbal acuity isn't so great.  I am one of those annoying people that asks you to repeat things because I can't figure out, even with context clues, what the fuck you just said.  It makes me look stupid, but I can't help it. This also means that I am really terrible at deciphering song lyrics, which is like torture, since I'm passionate about music and I want to know everything I can about songs I like.  Sometimes decades go by before I figure out what a song is really saying.  It's embarrassing.

Anyway, I was just listening to a song and it sounded like, "...time to bleed the chocolate goat..."

I'm not even sure I want to know what the real lyrics are now, because those are some pretty kickass lyrics.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tonkalele, coming soon...

My husband is the shit!  I asked if he could make me a pocket ukulele, and the floodgates opened...and he comes up with all kinds of amazingness.  He is working on several, but this one is made from a 4-inch Tonka mini lunchbox.  The tuning pegs will be zither and the wood will get a light stain.  He even branded it with his Plutonian symbol, homemade from a paper clip.  My Tonkalele is going to be about 16 inches long and dyn-o-mite!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Adventure Thru Inner Space

When I was a little kid growing up in Texas, I was really fortunate to have relatives in the Los Angeles area.  So luckily for me, I got to visit Disneyland a few times between age 5-15 in the 1970s and 80s.  One ride there freaked me right the hell out, but simultaneously thrilled and fascinated me.  I still think about it and relive it mentally, even now.  I was kind of obsessed with thinking about it, remembering it, and thinking about all the details and how they made me feel...over and over, throughout the years.  It had a profound impact on how I think about things now.  It was called Adventure Thru Inner Space.  It was in Tomorrowland.  It was a ride where you got to experience shrinking down to the size of a molecule and seeing the inner space of water, within a snowflake.

The first time I rode it with my cousins when I was about 5, we were waiting in line and I saw that the moving and swiveling bowl-shaped seats of the "Atomobile" went through a "shrinking tube" during the process, and tiny little people were riding through the other side.  I asked if we were going to do that.  Are we really going to shrink?  For real?  What if the ride breaks and we stay small and we're stuck in there?  I was practically jumping out of my skin with fear.  My cousins insisted that we were all definitely going to be shrunk down - and "Look at all of the little people in that tube- see there?  Those were the people waiting in front of us in line.  They're tiny now!"   I was wigging out and totally believed them.  Completely petrified and mystified.

".........Although your body will shrink, your mind will EXPAND......"

The voice actor, Paul Frees, who narrated the ride, was also the voice of Little Green Sprout, Ghost Host of the Haunted Mansion, and Ludwig Von Drake, among a gazillion others.  (Can you believe that?  He had a 4-octave vocal range.  His body of work is nothing short of astonishing and I'm in awe.)

But I digress.  Back to the ride...

The ride was almost completely in the dark, adding to the suspense.  There was also the excitement of a Goodyear Peoplemover, cutting right into the whole experience.  Far out and progressive, man!  It was very sciencey.

You shrank and watched the snowflake that you were studying get seemingly enormous.

Then: "...Suspended in the timelessness of inner space are the thought waves of my first impressions.  They will be our only source of contact, once you have passed beyond the limits of normal MAGNIFICAAAATIONNNN."

Uhhhh, say what now?  You said that your brain words are basically frozen as sound waves that we are now hearing?  In a microscope?  That we are shrunken inside of?  This was also unsettling to me as a youngster (not so much at age 5, but a few years later - when I started to really think about what Paul Frees was saying).  It made me think that I really, really, really do not understand how things work on Planet Earth.  Does that mean that everything that anyone ever said is somehow amplified into tiny molecules and repeating until the end of time?  Wuuuuuuut...?

Anyway, the ride goes on in the dark, and you continue to shrink and ponder the almost Kafkaesque, quantum perspective you're trapped in.  You're alongside infinite rows of water molecules, inside a section of the snowflake. Then you're in between the spaces of the molecules, followed by the electrons zipping by in straight, streaky lines.  And then it looks and feels like you're in big, outer space, but you're not.  You're smaller than all of the molecules and electrons and you're floating in between the inner spaces of all of it, so it looks like a tiny universe, and you're staring at a nucleus....within the particles of a drop of freaking WATER.

Stop shrinking!  Stop!  Stop!  You're freaking me ouuuuuuuut.

Then, after the GIANT EYEBALL BEHIND THE MICROSCOPE (which incidentally gave me nightmares for decades - not unlike the fucking terrifying-looking Helix Nebula) is staring at you, the ride is over, you've been restored back to your normal size, and all is well in sunny Anaheim.  A happy and mindless (but sort of rad) song is played to ease and erase the mind-altering craziness that you just went through as a 5-year-old.

CLICK and LISTEN:  ---> Miracles from Molecules

The thought-provoking idea of this 1967 ride still totally blows me away.  Who would think hmmmmm, I think it would be cool to ride through the inner space of water molecules?  And what would that look like?  Or sound like as a story?  But then again, it was the late 60', yeah.  
I know that Jules Verne had something to do with that idea as well, and Fantastic Voyage had only come out in theaters the year before.  And there was kind of a shit-ton of hallucinogens being consumed by eager, young folks seeking enlightenment.  I guess I'm not that surprised, come to think of it.

Anyway---Here is a really well made virtual ride-thru of Adventure Thru Inner Space from YouTube:


And here are some miscellaneous pictures from days of yore:

Sadly, the ride closed down in 1985.  Along with it and a few other attractions, actual real SCIENCE seems to have drifted away from Tomorrowland too, and has been replaced with typical movie dreck and merchandising.  I think the Star Tours ride now sits in the same spot that this ride once resided in (okay, I liked Star Tours back in the day).  I am totally cool with all the movie-themed stuff in the rest of the park.  That's what Disneyland is all about, obviously.  But Tomorrowland needs more of an educational, scientific focus. JMHO.

This whole concept needs a reboot.  I really hope the imagineers do some reimagineering and consider redoing this most excellent ride.

*Let me also mention one other thing at Disneyland that freaked me out.  I rode the Haunted Mansion ride many years ago and the ride broke down and got stuck in the cemetery for quite a while.  I fought a panic attack in the dark for what felt like a lifetime.  ACKKKKKK.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

There goes my hero.

Happy Father's Day to my awesome dad. Technically not my birth father, but somehow I am more like him than anyone else.

He is a very serious man.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just trains and automobiles (no planes)

My mother left to go visit Portland on the Amtrak.  She departed from the newly remodeled and super squeaky shiny King Street Station.

I couldn't resist taking about 100 pictures.
Here's one.

Also, because I'm fond of non-sequitors, there's this:
Everybody must PRANCERSIZE! (Camel Toe required)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rest in peace, Scott Daniels.

This has been an awful week.  Last Sunday, on Mother's Day, my husband and I learned that our friend and former classmate, Scott Daniels, died unexpectedly.  I had known Scott since elementary school (we actually were in a drama class together in the 4th grade), and he went to high school with us at HSPVA.  He was my husband's Fleshmop bandmate, a best friend, and brother.  We have been so sad.  He didn't get the help that he needed, wanted, and was on a waiting list for.  He shouldn't have died.  He left behind a sweet, 10-year-old daughter and a widowed mother.

No mother should have to go through planning a funeral for their child, and then least of all have it be on Mother's Day.  Ironically, this is the second time that we have lost a close friend on Mother's Day. It is the worst.  We are all devastated.

We'll miss you, Scott.  You were a sweet guy and just simply astonishing crazy genius on the guitar.  The times that I've heard him play, I was glued to each note.

We will miss you so much. This shouldn't have happened.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Instacanvas, ahoy!

Hello, there.
I now have a gallery on Instacanvas.  You can purchase items with my photos on them.  Wheeeeee!

CLICK HERE to see my awesome new gallery!

Let it be known that I cannot resist taking pictures of the Space Needle, pretty trees and flowers, insane chihuahuas, buildings, water, clouds, musical instruments, touristy landmarks, strange produce, sunrises...
...And other things.

Go!  Now!  Come back soon!

EDIT 2016:  Instacanvas changed their name to Twenty20.  Then they changed to a stock-photo only company (no longer selling print on demand merch).  Bummer.  Well, that was fun while it lasted. Still deciding if I want to add photos all over again.  :/

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Schoolgirl giddiness

I happen to love the journalist/anchorman/interviewer, Charlie Rose.  This morning, he had an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit.  And I got a question in at the last second - and HE ANSWERED IT!

I am on a cloud.  Charlie Rose, you are the man!  No one can pick a brain like that guy, and to briefly pick his for once is the treat of a lifetime.

I will always love youuuuuu, Charlie Rose.

Friday, March 22, 2013

My little guy

I love that he loves music, like his dad and I do.

Pictures of Curry Do Not Look Good on Facebook, in Case You Were Wondering.

Let's just file this in the "First World Problem of the Day" category:
Facebook needs more filters.  Specially, I mean filters to lower the visibility of key topics.  It's already a known fact that I can only handle so many inspirational quotes backdropped by photos of a waterfall (or rainforest, Dalai Lama, sunrise, scenic mountain range, etc.) in a day.  So please Facebook, let's just go ahead and put in a daily limit on that.  I have inspirational overload already. You are not helping.

Next, could we please have a filter for eliminating cat photos?  I have one acquaintance who actually shared 15 pictures of cats in less than 7 minutes this morning.  It wouldn't be a big deal if he didn't do it every day and all day long.  Dude - just.......stahhhhhhhhp.  I love cats.  I own 2 cats.  But I don't want pictures of them hacked up on the internet all day long.  I can look for cat photos myself, if I want to see cats.

Lastly, I want the ability to not see pictures of peoples' food.  I get that you love what you're eating, it's delicious, or maybe you made it yourself and you're proud.  That's great, and I'm proud of you, too!  Yay!  But pictures taken from a foot away, with a flash, almost never make food look appetizing, especially if it's some kind of brownish or yellowish chunky stew.  Nuff said.  Pictures of whole foods like apples, celery, and other unprocessed things.........and macro photos...or photos of baked goods like cupcakes....well, okay, I guess.  Maybe what I need is a specific filter to get rid of food that is chopped, cooked, sauced, and floating in a bowl.  Gross.

I know that I can "hide" people.  I don't want to have to dump my friends or hide them because they post inspirational saccharine dreck and brown, goopy food.   I know there are far worse things in the world to fret over.  Terrible, horrific things, even.  Just venting.  I know I am a whingebucket.
That is all.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Found some oldies but goodies

From my stub hoard.
October 21, 1991.  The now-defunct Liberty Lunch from my Austin days.  Good night!  I am so thankful to have met the kind of people in my youth that set me on the proper audio path; Away from the mainstream, brainrotting crud.  Especially my friend Pete, who was all on about some band called Nirvana in a magical, faraway place called Seattle, and then my college boyfriend Eric, who was a complete freak for all things SubPop.

Monday, Nirvana.  Friday, Bob Dylan.  Excellent week.


Liberty Lunch in 2007 (Google image)

NOW (picture from Google maps- it's currently a shopping center with a watch store and ladies clothes.  Blech.  Tearing down cultural landmarks is a stab in the heart.

My good friend, Space Needle, comforts me after my doctor appointment.

And his tag along friend, Monorail. 

I see you, Space Needle.  You can't hide from me and my smartphone.


Monday, February 18, 2013

I love you, Space Needle.

I have a little bit of an obsession with the Space Needle.  I feel compelled to photograph it any time I'm near it.  I get tired of this city sometimes, but I never ever get tired of seeing my beloved Space Needle.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The anniversary of being from Nowhere

February 20 marks my official anniversary of moving to the Pacific Northwest.  It's been fifteen years.  This also means that I've pretty much spent an equal amount of time here, compared to other cities that I've lived in long-term (Houston, Austin), and much more time than others (Portland, Chicago). 
This is why I don't feel like I'm "from" anywhere anymore.  (I grew up in Houston, but I fantasized about leaving there since I was ten years old.)
I'm a nowhere girl.  I can't figure out whether this gives me positive or negative emotions.  But it does align with my dilettante tendencies. 
Also, I realized that I've been painting mandalas in one form or another for 13 years now.  How about that.  I actually found a hobby besides music to stick with.  Go me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We could be Instagramigos.

I'm on Instagram.  We can be amigos if you want.  Warning:  I take a lot of pictures of very pedestrian things, such as sunsets, dogs, clouds, ferry rides, the Space Needle.  But also sometimes weird and unexpected things like bugs or puppets.  Ya never know.

Click on the picture.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am a stack of papers

I received a packet of papers from my mother today.  The envelope was sealed with a sticker with Golden Retriever puppies on it that said Guiding Eyes for the Blind

The note inside with all of the papers said, "Maybe these papers can prove who you are..."

So true, and so untrue.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


I am such a pen nerd that I am watching calligraphy videos on youtube.
I will sit there and almost not blink for an entire 4-minute video, because I am compelled to see every tiny second of the ink touching the paper.  I am fascinated by the swirly things on the ends of s's and different ways to make an r, and stuff like that.  I have been my whole life.

Yes, I am entertained by watching ink dry.
Pathetic and boring, cool, or just obsessive?

We are the village green preservation society

I had an explosion of extra succulent babies this winter.  All the babies had babies.  So now I am painting the cutest little 4” pot s...