Monday, July 02, 2012

Diaper cakes, not so much.

I'll say it.  I don't like "diaper cakes".
They are the ubiquitous baby shower prop that is a multi-tiered "cake" that is made up of rolled-up disposable diapers, and then taped together with colored ribbons to coordinate with the decor of the shower.

Gross.  I just cannot see how something as nasty as a diaper should somehow be transformed into pretend food.  I realize that the diaper is unused when being integrated into this monstrosity, but - food, diapers...these 2 things just don't belong together, conceptually.

Equally revolting to me is the idea of individual diapers being wrapped into cellophane with decorative ribbon and twisted on the ends like taffy and Tootsie Rolls.  Mmmm, diaper candy.  What a treat.  The landfill is crying tears for your diaper candy, and anyway, who wants to have to unwrap all that jazz to get to a diaper, when the baby is in dire need of a change?  What a waste.

Yes, let's please keep polishing the turd.

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