Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Star is weird

The baby is downstairs with my husband, and I haven't changed the channel from Sprout's Goodnight Show. Here is what I'd like to know:
Why does Star sing the "Brusha Brusha Brusha" toothbrushing song? He doesn't have teeth.  What the hell does he think he's brushing

Why does Star have a goodnight show? Stars COME UP at night. He should be going to bed at the asscrack of dawn when the SUN is coming up.

He is the creepiest puppet ever. I could give you many, many reasons why, but I'll start with the fact that he has fingers - and also wires that waterfall out of his head.
And no eyelashes.
Jay said that his eyeballs look like testicles.

 They revamped Star at some point. At least now his bottom jaw moves when he talks, instead of his upper jaw (Yuck.  Weird). And he got eyelids. Before, he just looked like he was in shock.  He still looks like a squatting triangle with arm flaps, and not a star.  
He still looks like he's gone septic.

I would file a restraining order against that puppet, if'n it turned up on my doorstep.  NO LIE.

I really need to watch some adult programming tonight to cancel this crap out.

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